Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT


Keeping up with the Indusrty Revolution 4.0

Few IoT solution providers in Malaysia have comprehended the full depth of IoT's influence on human life and technology. Qbeep belongs to the elite group of IIoT solution providers in Malaysia. We specialize in providing High End IoT Solutions Specifically Industrial IoT to our clients, enabling them to connect their enterprise operations with IoT technology through secure and reliable platforms.

Industrial Internet of things

Our expertise is available for the following industries

  • We create Software Applications, cloud network systems, and install smart sensors and controls to exchange real-time data that will be able to measure a variety of machine parameters, such as manufacturing output, speed, and run time, among others.
  • The data will be collected by the sensors, preprocessed by the local fog devices, and then sent to the cloud for further processing. By utilizing cloud-based Analytics technologies, we will be able to aggregate and analyses the data. A software dashboard will then be used to present the results. Operation managers and operators will be able to remotely access the dashboard through the web or a mobile device in order to see machine utilization, health, and efficiency indicators.
  • We design bespoke IoT solutions and combine them with smart devices to provide linked agriculture solutions for smart agriculture and precision farming in order to increase the overall capacity, yield, and productivity of crop and livestock products.
  • By installing IoT solutions, we will enable our customers to collect data such as soil moisture, chemical application, dam level, fence monitoring, vehicle monitoring, and weather.
  • We develop cutting-edge, tech-enabled logistics software programs in order to improve our companies’ supply chains, provide perfect customer service, and increase warehouse efficiency.
  • We will develop the following software upon request:
    • Warehouse Management Applications
    •  Solutions for Supply Chain Resilience
    •  BI & Reporting Solutions
    •  Order Management Software
    •  Software for Logistics and Transportation Management
  • We evolve the P2M (Person to Machine) relationship into the IoT (Internet of Things) as technology advances and data-transmission on medical devices. Where it established service-delivery processes, bringing substantial economic benefits and enhancing process effectiveness by incorporating a P2M relationship monitoring application for such device.
  • We help to remove the risk of detrimental human error with the built around specialized application which tracks real time usage.

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IIoT Provides

Comprehensive and sustainable IoT solution.

QBeep Industrial IoT is an all-inclusive, ready-to-use platform that eliminates the need for several vendors. It handles day-to-day operations while you focus on long-term planning and strategy.

Stimulate better decision-making

Qbeep Industrial IoT reports on your business’s activity and explains its significance. By linking sensors from several sources, users have a broader understanding of how certain aspects influence others, therefore enabling them to make better decisions.

Enhancing efficiency while reducing cost

Qbeep Industrial IoT consolidates data from billions of sensors to improve corporate productivity.

Minimize and manage risk

Sensors detect potentially unsafe environmental conditions. Compliance managers can achieve stringent criteria since calibrated sensors send alarms for any operational deviations that occur.