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European Wellness and QBeep Launches Groundbreaking “SmartMFDealers” App

Kota Kinabalu, June 2024 – European Wellness Biomedical Group (EWBG) and QBeep Intelligent Systems Sdn Bhd (QBeep) have officially launched their game-changing “SmartMFDealers” (SMFD) mobile application – a partnership set to mark a new chapter in delivering quality health, beauty, and wellness solutions globally.

Developed to meet rising global demand for holistic health products and leverage a rapidly changing digital landscape, SMFD is set to elevate EWBG’s digital infrastructure by providing a cutting-edge platform for the biomedical giant’s exclusive dealers and distributors.

Among other features, the app will allow for a seamless experience in browsing products across all brands affiliated with EWBG including MF3, MF Plus, and LABRMS, provide detailed product information through videos and e-brochures, and give users a streamlined ordering, paying, and monitoring process – anytime, anywhere in the world. Future enhancements will include world-first features that will further innovate the mobile app.

Plans were set in motion back in February of this year, when EWBG via its subsidiary EW Global (EWG) awarded a 5-year contract to QBeep to fully develop and maintain the app.

The app’s official launch and Go-Live ceremony, held at the European Wellness Centre in scenic Kota Kinabalu, was attended by representatives from both companies, including leaders, scientists, doctors, engineers, and key stakeholders – symbolizing the coming together of minds in a brilliant joint effort to revolutionize the digital health and wellness sector.

Among those in attendance were EWBG’s Chairman Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan and members of its Medical Advisory Board, local and global Sales Leaders of MF3, MF Plus and LABRMS, and EWG’s Director Alvin Pang, while QBeep’s delegation included CEO Francis Chung, Shareholder Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Michelle Wong, CTO Dr. Brendan Khoo, and Project Specialist Manager Soon Peei Yeek.

“We are setting a new milestone in the biomedical sector as a whole,” said Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan.

For Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, the mastermind behind EWBG’s global success and a pioneer in regenerative medicine and stem cell research since the 1980s, it was clear that this app signified another step towards innovation.

Starting in Malaysia, the app will be available on Google Play and Apple Store this June 2024 – with
global availability to follow in the coming months.

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From left:
Alvin Pang (EWG’s Director), Dr. Simon Yefimov, Stephanie Wong, Vvyonna Wong, Jessie Lo, Morrie Chern, Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan (EWBG’s Chairman), Francis Chung (QBeep’s CEO), Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Michelle Wong (QBeep’s Shareholder), Soon Peei Yeek (QBeep’s Project Specialist Manager), Lilian Teoh, Mavis Chin, Dr. Brendan Khoo (QBeep’s CTO), Prof. Dr. Yuriy Nalapko, Dr. Volodymyr Chernykh and Dr. Margaryta Iemelianova.

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Qbeep to Revolutionize Biomedical Sector with “Smart MFDealers” Mobile App for European Wellness

Kota Kinabalu, February 2024 – Digital innovation is on the rise – and with the recent partnership between Qbeep Intelligent Systems Sdn Bhd (Qbeep) and EW Biomedical Group (EWBG), a new avenue for delivering quality health and wellness solutions globally has been opened.

In a signing ceremony held in Kota Kinabalu this February, leading tech provider Qbeep was awarded with a 5-year contract by EWBG through its subsidiary, EW Global Sdn Bhd (EWG). As part of the agreement, Qbeep will be developing and maintaining a mobile application called “SmartMFDealers” (SMFD).

SMFD will function as a state-of-the-art platform for use by exclusive dealers and distributors of EWBG and its affiliated brands including MF3, MF Plus, and LABRMS.

The mobile app, which will be launched globally on Google Play and Apple Store, will provide a seamless experience designed to facilitate digital operations. Features include smooth browsing of products offered by EWBG’s brands, videos providing extensive product knowledge, and a streamlined payment and order monitoring process.

“To say that we are excited for the future is an understatement,” said Qbeep CEO Francis Chung during the event, adding that the joint venture will “unlock the true potential of digital innovation in the biomedical sector.”

According to EWG Director Alvin Pang, the partnership signalled a clear pathway for “streamlining business processes and elevating the delivery of EWBG’s extensive catalogue of health and wellness solutions.”

Key figures from both parties attended the signing ceremony. Qbeep was represented by its CEO Francis Chung, accompanied by shareholder Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Michelle Wong, CTO Dr. Brendan Khoo, and Project Specialist Manager Soon Peei Yeek – while EWG was represented by Director Alvin Pang, with Director Benjamin Taine and EWBG Chairman Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan as witnesses.

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MDEC Awards Malaysia Digital Status (MD) to QBeep

On 8th December 2022, QBeep Intelligent Systems Sdn. Bhd. was invited to the Malaysia Digital Engagement and Networking 2022 conference. The event was held at the Dorsett Hotel in Putrajaya from 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

The event was organised by MDEC to provide an opportunity for MD previously known as MSC Status companies to interact directly with MDEC in order to refresh their understanding of the MD status benefits and Bill of Guarantees (BOGs) awarded to them as MD companies. This event was attended by Francis Chung, CEO of Qbeep, to represent Qbeep.

The event began with a welcoming remark that discussed the benefits of MD status and the Bill of Guarantees (BOGs). Malaysia Digital is a new national strategic initiative developed by the government to stimulate and attract enterprises, talent, and investment while giving Malaysian businesses and the Rakyat a leading role in the global digital revolution and digital economy. BOGs are grants of MSC Malaysia Status that offer a set of benefits, rights, and privileges to qualified organisations from the Malaysian government.

Sharing session by: Raymond Siva (Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Investment Officer, MDEC )

Following the welcoming remarks, MDEC representatives led a series of sharing sessions on talent facilitation, funding facilitation, market and ecosystem access facilitation, and post-MD requirements. The series of sharing sessions were informative, as remarked by our CEO, Francis: “It is good to listen to the rebranding (from MSC status to MD status).”

After the sharing sessions, clinic sessions were conducted to assist new MD-status companies with BOG-related queries. The event ends with a networking lunch among MDEC representatives and newly-awarded MD-status companies. 

The event was good for Qbeep because it gave the CEO of Qbeep a chance to learn about the benefits of being an MD-status company and to meet other founders of MD-status companies.

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QBeep and Curtin University Malaysia Seals MoU for Industrial Relevant Learning Experience

QBeep Intelligent Systems Sdn. Bhd. collaborated with Curtin University Malaysia, to provide engineering students at Curtin Malaysia with an industrially relevant learning experience. The collaboration between QBeep Intelligent Systems Sdn. Bhd. and Curtin University Malaysia will strengthen the training business by creating an expanded learning platform that provides a variety of skills relevant to the innovative digital era.

The exchange of information on career development and research projects pertinent to the needs of both parties and the community is a component of joint programmes and initiatives. As the cooperation develops, further initiatives will be explored to encourage the region’s rising educational technology requirements and demands.

Diabetic Retinopathy Detection and Grading for Eye Diabetes and Fall Detection Technology will be the focus of their joint research by researchers from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Curtin Malaysia, led by Dr. Wong Wei Kitt, and their counterparts at QBeep Intelligent Systems, led by Chief Technology Officer Dr. Brendan Khoo Teng Thiam.

Meanwhile, Professor Simon Leunig, Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor Vincent Lee Chieng Chen, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Science Professor Tuong-Thuy Vu, Dean of Research and Development Professor Ramasamy Nagarajan, Dr. Wong, and Associate Dean of External Engagement at the Faculty of Engineering and Science Ir. Dr. Lim Chye Ing represented Curtin University Malaysia.

Furthermore, Dr. Khoo and Chief Executive Officer Francis Chung Chee Ngam represented QBeep Intelligent Systems at the virtual signing ceremony, with two dignitaries as witnesses: Dato Sri Mike Chan and Dato Sri Michelle Wong.

Left to right: Francis Chung Chee Ngam (Chief Executive Officer) & Dr. Brendan Khoo Teng Thiam (Chief Technical Officer)

Left to right:  Professor Simon Leunig (Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor) & Prof. Vincent Lee Chieng Chen (Dean of Faculty of Engineering).

In his remarks at the ceremony, Professor Leunig expressed confidence that the collaboration with QBeep Intelligent Systems would serve as the impetus for the formation of an incredibly robust partnership between the two organisations. It has become evident, according to him, that QBeep Intelligent Systems’ industry experience in providing high-end IoT solutions to a wide variety of clients and Curtin Malaysia’s strengths in related research and academia can be leveraged for their mutual benefit and the benefit of the communities in which they operate.

“We are well placed to be a strong partner in these collaborations,” said Professor Leunig. “As Curtin University’s largest global campus and hub in Southeast Asia, which is majority owned by the Sarawak Government, and coupled with our broad expertise and modern and well-developed research and teaching facilities, we are well positioned to be a strong partner in these collaborations.”

He went on to say that the research endeavors of Curtin Malaysia are supported by the institution’s robust partnerships with industry, business, and the government. These partnerships enable the institution to find new avenues of innovation that can provide outcomes that are mutually beneficial for society. Consequently, Curtin Malaysia places a high priority on the cooperation it has established with QBeep Intelligent Systems.

In addition to collaborating on research projects, the two organizations will work together to provide internships, industry immersion or Work Integrated Learning (WIL), and full-time employment opportunities, as well as host industry talks, site visits, field projects, and technical workshops for the engineering students at Curtin Malaysia. These activities will take place through a combination of industry talks, site visits, field projects, and technical workshops.

The collaboration will also include the appointment of representatives from QBeep Intelligent Systems to the Faculty of Engineering and Science’s Industrial Advisory Panel, as well as the supervision of capstone unit projects for ECE students, career guidance and mentoring sessions, and speaking engagements for students by staff members from QBeep Intelligent Systems.