MDEC Awards Malaysia Digital Status (MD) to QBeep

On 8th December 2022, QBeep Intelligent Systems Sdn. Bhd. was invited to the Malaysia Digital Engagement and Networking 2022 conference. The event was held at the Dorsett Hotel in Putrajaya from 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

The event was organised by MDEC to provide an opportunity for MD previously known as MSC Status companies to interact directly with MDEC in order to refresh their understanding of the MD status benefits and Bill of Guarantees (BOGs) awarded to them as MD companies. This event was attended by Francis Chung, CEO of Qbeep, to represent Qbeep.

The event began with a welcoming remark that discussed the benefits of MD status and the Bill of Guarantees (BOGs). Malaysia Digital is a new national strategic initiative developed by the government to stimulate and attract enterprises, talent, and investment while giving Malaysian businesses and the Rakyat a leading role in the global digital revolution and digital economy. BOGs are grants of MSC Malaysia Status that offer a set of benefits, rights, and privileges to qualified organisations from the Malaysian government.

Sharing session by: Raymond Siva (Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Investment Officer, MDEC )

Following the welcoming remarks, MDEC representatives led a series of sharing sessions on talent facilitation, funding facilitation, market and ecosystem access facilitation, and post-MD requirements. The series of sharing sessions were informative, as remarked by our CEO, Francis: “It is good to listen to the rebranding (from MSC status to MD status).”

After the sharing sessions, clinic sessions were conducted to assist new MD-status companies with BOG-related queries. The event ends with a networking lunch among MDEC representatives and newly-awarded MD-status companies. 

The event was good for Qbeep because it gave the CEO of Qbeep a chance to learn about the benefits of being an MD-status company and to meet other founders of MD-status companies.